Wearing masks during our services – Loving Well during COVID-19

After much discussion and prayer, the Eldership Team of The Rock Church has decided to make mask usage mandatory for worship times.

Beginning Sunday September 6, masks will be required in order to enter the church to attend worship services. Masks will be provided if you do not have your own.

How did we come to this decision? Prayerfully and thoughtfully based on the following….

1) Our Love – Jesus said in John 15:12,13, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

The reality is that masks are inconvenient and do not allow for optimal connection between people. However, another reality is that there are people who need the extra protection that comes in a place where people require masks.

We have people who are waiting for surgeries, who are pregnant, and who are or live among those who are at higher risk. We are laying down our own rights and desires for the sake off community when we wear masks so that others can also stay engaged in the body of Christ. We love well when we love others sacrificially.

2) Our Testimony – we want to protect our opportunity to gather together as TRC as well as help protect the whole body of Christ in Saskatoon to be able to gather. If churches become hotspots for COVID-19, there will begin to be stricter regulations put in place and we could loose the privilege.

Currently in Alberta there are two churches where outbreaks have happened. We want to be a place known for sharing the love of Jesus and doing all we can to be a safe place. If something was to happen after doing all that we can, then at least we have done our best.

We want our testimony to be one of love and caring well for others. The issues of masks has become a divisive one in our world. We do not want to use our energy and risk our unity by debating mask usage but rather we wish to disciple and be discipled by choosing the way of love in this matter.

Let us do our part to protect the body of Christ by being a place we have preached about for years. “The Rock Church is a Safe Place”… here is one more way we can put that into practice in a relevant way!

3) Our Responsibility – We are not reacting with fear but simply operating in a way that reduces the risk for our people and our city at large when we practice physical distancing, hand sanitizing and mask usage as a way to help reduce the risk.

Those who have been attending watch parties at TRC have done an excellent job at honoring each other by following the regulations that have been in place.

However, the reality of our building is that there are times and spaces where physical distancing is less likely, accidentally missed, or simply isn’t possible. Wearing masks is part of helping reduce the risk when physical distancing isn’t possible. So where strict policing may have been necessary to ensure physical distancing in all situations, wearing masks allows us to operate with more grace.

In order to love others and do our part, we will practice physical distancing, hand sanitizing, mask wearing when we come together to worship God and enjoy community with each other.

Chad Bruegman of Denver, CO makes a great statement…

“If (in retrospect) we find out that masks were not helpful, or that they were just tools of some hoax or conspiracy. If I come to find out I really am one of those “Sheeple,” I’ll still sleep real well because I’ll go to bed knowing that my motive was to love my neighbor as myself”

……well said Chad!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you would like to discuss further or have any questions. Reply to this email or call the office at 306-975-7197

Thank you for your support in advance,


For more information watch this short video HERE.

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