This Week at The Rock Church – July 29, 2019

Dear TRC camp partners and friends,
“Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust him and he will help you.”
Psalm 37:5
Camp is meant to be the highlight of each campers summer as they experience His love through relationships, creation and the Word of God.  I believe a lot of children this year feel that it has been now that two of three weeks of camp are complete.
This past week of SHIFT camp (ages 9-11)…
Thank you for praying O-F-T-en this week.
1) Openness… This past week, I witnessed a number of pre-teens that we have worked with as children for a number of years have a particularly “lifted countenance”.  There was an openness among many, where perhaps in the past it had not been that way.  Thursday morning at staff meeting 4 different leaders shared about how children in their dorm received Jesus as their saviour and forever friend after chapel.  Five children that one night made decisions… that was very exciting!! Thank you for praying!
2) Friendliness… We had a number of challenges during the week helping the children learn to walk out their relationships in an honouring and friendly way.  Thank you for your support in prayer as there was definite need for it surrounding gossip.  On returning to their cabin one evening, a leader was wondering what drama they might find, only to be pleasantly surprised that everyone was laughing together and enjoying themselves! Thank you for praying!
3) Thankfulness…We believe an attitude of gratitude can help affect one’s perspective on life greatly! It is always a pleasure to hear campers saying thank you for their food or thanking their leader.  Thank you for partnering in camp ministry.  It takes a large investment of time, energy and resources but we believe it is a huge part of the ongoing discipleship for all involved… campers, volunteers and staff!
This week C23 Montana Camp… 
This upcoming week of camp in Hungry Horse, Montana for ages 14-18 is quite possibly a once in a lifetime event for many of our youth!  This camp is located just outside Glacier National Park and will be the first time for some that they have traveled outside Canada or seen the mountains.
Our agenda for this week looks something like this:
Monday morning – leave Saskatoon;
Monday evening – stay at Holiday Inn in Lethbridge
Tuesday morning – cross USA border into Montana; drive & tour the scenic “Road to the Sun”
Tuesday afternoon – Arrive at Camp and begin with kitchen work project and evening service!
Wednesday – Friday – Youth church services, on site games and activities, amazing experiences like swimming at Whitefish Lake, riding the river while whitewater rafting and experiencing the speed of water sliding. Looks like a wet week without the rain:)!
Saturday – Camp ends and do full day drive back to Saskatoon
In addition to praying for all that God would want to do through the events of the week…
Would you also pray for “US” this week…?
1) Unity… The trip itself and location far from home has potential to add a different level of stress to a week of camp.  Would you pray that the group will be unified and will work together to support each other in all they get to experience?
2) Spiritual Growth… With such an array of activities and experiences to be enjoyed and lived out, there are many new and interesting possibilities in how God can speak and reveal His love to the campers.  Would you pray that Holy Spirit would minister to each heart? Would you pray that through the beauty of His creation and the joy of relationship with Jesus and each other, their hearts would be captivated to follow Him and there would be much spiritual growth?
Thank you for engaging in these weeks of camps by engaging these emails and praying!
There will be one more update coming next week upon completion of camp… blessings and have a great week.
Pastor Dallas on behalf of the TRC Camp team and campers
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