Summer Season: Tuesday Prayer and Fasting

Thank you for joining our prayer and fasting days to begin summer.  You will find some specific prayer requests at the end of this blog

If you did not get to watch my 6 minute video message yesterday to begin the next 3 days, you can still catch that down below

In taking time to pray and fast, we are disrupting the routines of our lives to help us intentionally look to God and spend more time with Him.  It can serve many purposes, but one of those purposes is like that of a reset button.  Where we are giving God our attention and asking Him to align our hearts with His.

We are using an acrostic for P.R.A.Y. as some direction for these days.

P – Pause – purposefully planing and setting aside time from our routines to listen, talk and be with God.  Invite Him to be with you and lead your time with Him.

R – Reflect

A – Ask

Y – Yearn

Today we will have some thoughts for “Reflect”.

In the active and busy world we live in, we can often get caught in the “What’s next?” or “What now?” mindset and just keep moving.  I know I can get caught up in “How am I going to line up my next tasks?” and “How am I going to get it done?”  We can get caught up in the world of pressure and performance and think that it all relies on us alone.

Taking time to reflect as a part of our prayer and fasting time is one of the solutions to such thinking.  In reflection, the Holy Spirit can direct our thoughts to a more accurate picture of what is going on in our lives.  He can lead us to a greater understanding of how great God is.  He can lead us to a greater level of thankfulness as we slow down to recognize His blessings.  He can lead us to a greater appreciation for the others He has placed in our lives and the role they play.

The New English Translation of the Bible (NET) uses the word reflect in a number of instances. Here are a few..

“I will praise the Lord who guides me;
yes, during the night I reflect and learn.” Psalm 16:7

“Then I said, “I am sickened by the thought
that the Most High might become inactive.
I will remember the works of the Lord.
Yes, I will remember the amazing things you did long ago. I will think about all you have done;
I will reflect upon your deeds.
O God, your deeds are extraordinary.
What god can compare to our great God?
You are the God who does amazing things;
you have revealed your strength among the nations.”  Psalm 77:10-14

Would you take time today to reflect? Invite God to show you His mighty works in your life and this world.

Would you take time today with your journal, some paper or a computer and list out what you are and can be thankful for.  I believe you will be surprised at what Holy Spirit wants to bring to your mind.

We can often turn our prayer sessions into asking sessions.  Prayer is so much more than just asking… it is being with God, listening, praising, reflecting and being thankful as well as asking for what we need.

I pray you will find fresh joy today as you have time to reflect with God, on who He is and what He has done. May it be from this place that your prayers are motivated today.

God bless you,

Dallas and Leah

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