One in a Hundred

“The seeds that fell on good ground are the people who hear and welcome the message.
They produce thirty or sixty or even a hundred times as much as was planted.” Mark 4:20

Dear Friend and Partner in Ministry,

Thank you for your support of The Rock Church and the ministry we are called to. We
work to plant good seed in good soil as we share the love of Jesus. We nurture growth
through discipleship as people learn to follow Jesus. Join us and pray that God will
indeed bring a 100 fold harvest from the seed planted over the last 25 years!

God’s word says there will bring ongoing fruit and we see that. Today, there are some
adults who once came as children, who now send their children to Bibleville, SHIFT &
C23! It is an honor to be trusted with the next generation.

“One in a Hundred” is a phrase that means exceptional, uncommon, unique,
and excellent. Every single person along the way who has ever prayed, served,
and given is “One in a Hundred” in our minds. This work would not happen
without you. Thank you for your trust and partnering with us. We are grateful!

This summer, we are again seeding for the future as we restart programs for
children and youth at The Rock Church. After last year’s pause, we are also having
overnight camps this year for each age group at Elbow Bible Camp!

This summer, we are also investing in the future to develop and improve our online
ministry ability. COVID forced significant growth in this area over the past year. It
allowed outreach and ministry to happen during the regulations and we recognize the
potential for its future impact to be great! Over the last year, we added a couple pieces
of equipment, grew in our knowledge and increased in our capacity to minister to
those outside our walls.

However, there is much to be done as some equipment is borrowed and some is
old and glitchy. New pieces of equipment are required to move forward and have a
sustainable, trainable, and usable system that is consistently reliable.

We have used online ministry for every age group and area at The Rock Church!
We sense God moving us forward in online ministry to reach people who would not or
cannot enter the doors of the church due to many reasons. Online ministry gives an
important point of contact. We have had a great start but must grow and improve our
infrastructure in order for this outreach ministry to continue. This requires investment.

This Summer, we are launching “One in a Hundred”… an uncommon and unique
fundraising campaign. Uncommon because it is a multi-focused approach on both
current camp ministry and future online ministry. It is unique because it is happening
in the summer!

We are asking you to be “One in a Hundred” and be one of the exceptional
people to help us with the need of one hundred thousand dollars.

We are praying to raise $100,000 this summer… $25,000 for summer camp and
$75,000 for technology to do what God is calling us to do both now and in the future.

Would you be one in a hundred, and give a special gift to this uncommon and
unique campaign?

Would you be willing to be one to give $100?
Would you be willing to be one to give $1,000?
Would you be willing to give whatever amount God puts on your heart?

25% of your gift would go towards the work of summer camp now,
75% of your gift would go to technology and the ongoing outreach it will help
accomplish both now and in the future.

If you would like more information, we would be happy to provide it as well as to talk
with you. Please feel free to email me at or call 306-975-7197.

Would you partner with us this summer? We believe everyone should be faithful to
their own church financially and encourage you to do so. If, in addition to this, God is
calling you to give sacrificially or out of your abundance to this effort, would you
respond? We would greatly appreciate your investment in these outreach ministries.
You can give online at, call or drop in to the church office,
or use the enclosed envelope.

Please pray with us for God’s miraculous provision during this campaign and for the
ministry this summer!

In HIS service,
Dallas Beutler
Lead Pastor

*Any funds raised not required for this campaign as outlined will be redirected to ongoing ministry.
*If you wish to have your gift designated to one area alone, simply indicate “Camp” or “Online”.

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