Let’s Connect Again! TRC Sunday – Online.

“Since you excel in everything – in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you — see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” 2 Corinthians 8:7 

May the Lord continue to lead and guide us so that this will be the testimony of us as individuals as well as a the body of Christ. The apostle Paul speaks of faith, knowledge, earnestness, love, and giving…things to excel in as we follow Christ. 

We are not required to stop or change on our own. We are simply encouraged to humbly surrender our ways to His strength and His ways. He invites us to walk with Him and depend on His grace to see such growth and maturing happen in our lives.  He wants to help us more than we even know we need help. Holy Spirit is cheering us on as He prays and intercedes for us!  Be encouraged in that!

We had great participation, engagement and response to last week’s online service, and it continued in the days that followed.  We were so happy to connect with you! Thank you! Please feel free to share the links with family and friends.  We had stories of people watching from various parts of the province.



There are two options for connecting using a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Option 1. Just click the following link therockchurchsaskatoon.online.church or type the following into your browser: https://therockchurchsaskatoon.online.church. This is the preferred option.

In this option you can interact via:

  • Online Chat: you can participate in an online texting group to say hello and hear from others or you can just watch to see what others are saying.
  • Online Prayer: You can also ask click the prayer button to request prayer and one of the staff will click on that and be  to privileged to pray with you.

     Note: Once the service has completed online on Sunday, you can go back anytime to watch it, whether for the first time or to catch it again.


If you have trouble connecting or you have slow or glitchy video, please go to option 2.

Option 2. Navigate to our website www.trcyxe.ca and access it under the AUDIO/VIDEO menu.


Please note recent changes to the website. We are trying to make all the latest information available and easy to find. Please take a look around…


Giving Information:

Thank you for continuing to support your church. Your giving, as an act of worship and devotion to God, allows your church to keep moving forward, reaching the needs of  our community, and each other. You give us the space to hear and respond to what Holy Spirit is leading us to do in ministry as a church, both now and in the future, as new ways of ministry develop.

Ways to Give:

1) Credit Card – for one time gifts or to set up monthly giving

a) online church donate button;  b) www.trcyxe.ca;   c) call the office 306-975-7197 or d) simply Click Here

2) Debit Visa Card – if your debit card has a visa symbol on it, you can use it in all the options that are listed for a credit card above. It simply debits your account directly as a debit card normally does.

3) E- Transfer – email info@trcyxe.ca.  Please send the answer to your security question in a separate email.

4) By Mail or Drop at church mail slot – 228 Avenue G South, Saskatoon, SK  S7M 1V1

5) Pre-Authorized Debit – you are able to set this up by contacting the office and using the attached pdf form with this email.

Thank you!


Thank you so much for joining us in prayer and fasting this week. Having the body praying together at this and all times is amazing!  Please continue to pray for each other, our world, the current crisis, and for Holy Spirit to prompt our hearts to lead our times of prayer. We desperately need His direction.

Please pray as the preparation takes place this week for the first online HERstory on April 7. There is much to learn in these times of doing things for the first time, so please pray for Leah and the team.  Thank you.

May God continue to keep and bless you this week!


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